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I got my medicine today! Running was still a struggle but I still did it! I had to stop and run to the ladies room a couple of times but I’m hoping to push past it next time. I great after a jog and it just keeps helps my breathing. I got my Genie bras today at CVS when I was getting a prescription, lol. Second trimester really is nice. My energy is back and I’m hoping to run a lot to keep that energy all the way until I deliver.

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I haven’t jogged since Sunday and I’m not well again and my doctor’s office forgot to call in my prescription! They’re closed now and I have to wait until tomorrow. I’m very uncomfortable. I want to call into work but I have a very important meeting to attend. :( Hopefully I’ll have everything squared away and I can jog tomorrow.

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Just finished jogging. Man, it was a struggling. I wasn’t feeling it before, but if I don’t jog then I beat myself up. I jogged 4 days this week. I want to go for 5. My goal is 2 miles in 20 minutes. I wanted to quit several times and the baby was pushing on my bladder. I had to pause to go to the bathroom. Glad I did because I ran a bit faster when I hopped back on the treadmill. Then I had the worst heartburn. It ess bad. But I kept pushing through the pain, visualizing my muscles getting stronger, my stamina getting better and the baby getting healthier. I kept imaging my heart getting stronger with every step and it started to feel good. I shaved 4 minutes off my time from a week ago so it was worth it. I pushed it but I was also listening to my body and walking for short stints throughout. I did walk for my cool down period and then I ran and took a TUM’S because that heartburn was not going away. This is baby #3 and heartburn always seems to be a constant in all my pregnancies. Message me if you have any questions, comments or whatever! :) I’m listening.

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I’ve been hormonal but not to where I’m rude or anything. Nobody likes a mean pregnant girl. The one incident where I may have been a little strong was a couple of weeks ago. I was out and about with my daughter and we happened across Sam Moon. We went inside and looked around for a bit. I was ready to go and noticed it was raining outside. I asked if there were any umbrellas sold and was taken to the spot where that were. The man left and I zeroed in on one that was different than the rest. I looked at the price tag and it said 2.50. Good, I wouldn’t have to find a CVS and get an umbrella they have cheap ones there, I thought. So I go up to the counter and proceed to pay. The lady at the register looks at the price tag and says that it’s missing “their” tag. She asks the lady next to her about the umbrella and the price and she goes “I don’t know. 10.99?”
My response: “You can’t be serious?!?! You guys mark prices UP?!?!”
The first lady says she would call for a manager, he gets there and informs me the umbrella is 12.99!
To which I reply loudly “Heck no! Never mind! I can’t believe you mark prices UP!”
I wanted everyone to know we were being ripped off. I take personal offense to this because my family is in the resale/overstock business and you mark prices DOWN. I really wanted to like Sam Moon but they are obviously a rip off and are not into customer service.

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Someone said this to me the other day and I really took offense to it. I wasn’t bragging about anything, I was working, minding my own business when I get an email:
“You coming into the office on Friday?”
It was from a co-worker in another department. She’s cool sometimes, but a little chatty.
“No, I finished all my work today”, was my reply. Not every department gets to work from home but I happened to be in one of those departments.
“Must be nice” she answered.
I know she’s unhappy with her department but I really didn’t think that was necessary. And this isn’t the first time she’s said this to me. It’s always said after I answer a question she’s asked. It’s rude and makes me feel no pity for the person saying it.

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Prego Diaries

Prego Diaries

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